Mother Goose Mars Robotic Mission

MOTHER GOOSE and Goslings. Enter Cave Site at Mars. Mother Goose TEAM. Equinox Interscience Inc. Complex Systems Res., Inc. Aerostar/Raven Industries. Boulder Center for Space Science/ National Link. MIT. Performance Software Associates. Oregon Public Education Network. ITN Energy Systems/Globalsolar. MOTHER GOOSE has Landed and Deposited Rover and Micro-Rovers. (Goslings) in Area Of High Scientific Interest.

Scientists and engineers tested a prototype Mars robotic plane part of The Mother Goose mission. The Mother Goose plane is basically an 8 foot remotely operated wing that can do some pretty amazing things like a near zero velocity landing. Someday the plane will be much larger sporting a 65 foot wingspan, inflatable with a fold-up propeller. Then it will become more like a UAV autonomous robot for flying around mars, that can even land, or even drop tiny robots or instruments.


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